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jerusalem driving shots jordan border highway transportation jenin sign post directions roadblock norman parker okanagan videographer stock video archive video production photojournalism kelowna canada cameraman gary moore photographer transportation war zones footage
East Jerusalem street shots from vehicle, through windshield, daily life, traffic, drive by road shots, (bad audio), Muslim shops, parched hills, desert environment, shot through windshield, held for edit, shot of Norman driving, long shot of Norman driving on highway, locked off long shot of two laned road, more windshield driving footage, landscape of environment, border with Jordan, palm tree farm, exterior car shots driving bordering Jordan, military post, Shot of Norman with base in background, military roadblock, residential streets, military base, prison, road sign to Jenin, wide, close, pull focus on Jenin sign, more shots through windshield, Norman PTC, hands on steering wheel, rain on windshield, wipers, pulling into roadblock,
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