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Film and Video Production Portfolio

The team responsible for Real World Video has worked on many different video projects over the last decade. Below is a just a sampling of the different projects we've produced.

A trailer filmed and cut together by DVP
Kids Explore's Dominican Project
A short about Jerry's unique style of painting
Jerry Whitehead - Painter
Trailer for upcoming punk rock music documentary
The Business - Takers and Users
The life of a hurricane Katrina survivor living on the streets of LA
Jordan Lance - All for Nothing
The trailer for the documentary being produced by DVP
Facing the Demons Trailer
The aired footage shot by DVP. Courtesy of CTV.
Olsen On Your Side - Minivan
News feature about spherical treehouses
Free Spirit Spheres
A short clip looking at the war torn area of Jenin
48 hours into the Israel - Palestinian Conflict
Music video featuring timelapse footage and Shane Philip's music
A look into the world of the mad preacher from Vicksburg, Mississippi
Vicksburg Preacher
Stan Boardman takes us on a tour of Liverpool, England
Norman Parker's quest to find the root of evil
Parker's Tales